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 Posted by: Ruth Thompson RHN, RNCP, ROHP, MSW at 15:15, November 30 2013

Gluten-free options are critical for many people who cannot digest gluten—a protein found in many grains, in particular wheat. Until recently, going gluten-free while dining out meant having to skip breads and pastas altogether. If one wanted a burger it had to be bun-less.

Lately I have found more restaurants offering gluten-free breads and buns on some regular menus items.  This is going to make dining out a healthier experience, as well as a more enjoyable one.

It is important to note that some people cannot tolerate any gluten, while others feel better without it. Those with celiac disease are extremely sensitive and must verify that ‘gluten-free’ means no contact with gluten-containing foods in the restaurant. Local restaurants with this claim are listed on:

For those who feel better without gluten (but who are not celiac), here are some restaurants I have found with gluten-free breads and pastas: Beaver and Bulldog, Boston Pizza, Milestones, and Pizza Pizza.  If you know of other restaurants with such gluten-free alternatives, please post to this blog so that all my readers can  benefit.

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