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Got A Rash?


Posted by: Ruth Thompson RHN, RNCP, ROHP, MSW  at 14:15 December 10, 2015

Skin rashes are all too common these days. Creams and salves may soothe a rash but once the cream or salve is stopped, that pesky rash returns. From my perspective, no one should have to suffer with a rash when there are natural health solutions.


In holistic nutrition, we see rashes as a symptom of a body out of balance, for several possible reasons: lymphatic congestion (immune system challenge), sensitivities to foods or chemicals, fungal overgrowth, or toxic overload from chemicals or heavy metals. Many of my clients, prior to their consultation, had suffered with a rash needlessly (sometimes for years), because they had one or more underlying issues that had not been identified.

I use the proven, reliable testing called Bioenergetic Evaluation to help identify the issues that are responsible for a rash. Ruling out food sensitivities is the first priority.  If foods are not the culprit, then the other issues are investigated. Natural healing protocols make a big difference in relieving the root causes of rashes.

Contact me for more information about how I can uncover the root cause of your rash.  

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