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Frequently Asked Questions about

Bio Energetic Evaluation (BEE) Testing

1.       What are Meridians

Meridians are a network of energetic pathways, which pass through the organs and tissues of the body. Bioelectric energy, essential for human life, flows through each meridian and the associated organs and tissues.  In Chinese medicine, this energy is called Qi (pronounced chee).

2.    What is a Bio Energetic Evaluation

A BEE test is an analysis of your body’s functional health.  Each meridian is like an electrical circuit.  Using the device called the Vantage Pro, readings are taken at specific ‘acupoints’ on the hands and feet  to determine the functional status of each meridian.  The readings will indicate whether the meridian and its associated organ and tissues are balanced, stressed or weakened.

3.   Is it going to hurt

No. You will be holding a brass rod in one hand while the technician uses a probe to take readings at specific locations on your hands and feet.  There is only the possible discomfort of having the probe pressed against your skin.

4.   How will a Bio Energetic Evaluation benefit me

A BEE test will indicate the status of your functional health. It will tell which meridians in your body are in balance, stressed or weakened.

The Vantage Pro is a highly reliable method of testing for food allergies, food intolerances and sensitivities to additives and chemicals. The Vantage Pro sends out an electromagnetic signal to your body, which represents different foods, additives or chemicals.  Your body’s response to these signals is measured.  Based on your energy response, the device will also select specific remedies that will return your meridians to balance.  

5.  How does BEE Sensitivity Screening compare to conventional allergy testing

One Vantage Pro user states: “for one year’s growing season, we did both scratch allergy tests and BEE tests on all new allergy patients.  This amounted to several hundred patients.  Our experience was that the Vantage Pro gave us the most reliable information overall.  The scratch test was very good as determining pollen allergies. With the Vantage Pro we were able in 10-15 minutes to do a “sensitivity” test on 120 items.  The results from the BEE test correlated the best in giving the doctor and dietician useful data in setting up a treatment protocol.  The patients who experienced the BEE sensitivity test and scratch test strongly preferred the BEE test experience as well as the results.”

6.  How does this differ from regular medical treatment

BEE testing and balancing does not take the place of qualified medical diagnosis and treatment.  You are responsible to determine the medical care that is best for you.  

BEE testing is a way to address concerns that don’t show up in other tests.  It is helpful for those who want to improve their general health as well as those with chronic problems that lack a specific diagnosis or that have not responded to other treatment.

7.  Will BEE testing be harmful to me in any way

This equipment is classified by the FDA (U.S.) as a “non-significant risk” device.  The amount of current used in BEE testing is in the range of millionths of an amp. This is so slight that you will not even feel it.

Vantage Pro technology can be compared to polygraph, EKG (electrocardiogram), EEG (electroencephalogram), EMG (electromyelogram), and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and other technologies that measure electrical response on the surface of the skin. Because this is a topical evaluation, it is non-invasive and completely safe.


8.  Will this procedure diagnose disease

The Vantage Pro is not a diagnostic tool.  The primary purpose of this system is to evaluate the energy flow through the body.  It is not meant to make a medical diagnosis or replace medical intervention.

The Vantage Pro can identify substances (foods, nutrition) that will support your body in functioning at a healthier level.  When your body functions at a healthier level, you will be better able to cope with the challenge of disease.  

9.  How often should I have BEE testing and balancing done

This will vary with the severity of individual issues and concerns.  At first, once a month visits may be advisable.  Many people achieve a more balanced meridian profile after three visits. Once an individual’s meridians are operating at an optimal level, follow-up appointments may be recommended every six months.

10. Can I still take my prescription medications while taking homeopathics or herbal remedies

We cannot advise you to stop taking medication.  We do however have the ability to test that medication and see whether it weakens, balances or stresses your system. By testing your medications and supplements, it is possible to identify whether you are overdosing or using products that are not helping.

IMPORTANT – To prepare for Testing:

No anti-inflammatory medications (includes Tylenol, Advil) 24 hours before testing

No steroid medications 48 hours before testing (Excludes topical or inhaled steroids)

Please advise if you have recently had X-rays, CT scans, mammograms or if you have a pacemaker