IS YOUR LIGHT TURNED ON?  Understanding a holistic health approach


Holistic health is a term that is heard more and more. What does it really mean, and how is it different from traditional health care?  Holistic health focuses on three key elements – body, mind and spirit. A simple way to understand the concept of holistic health is to think of our lives like a light bulb.


Our BODY is like the light bulb – it has substance - we can see and feel our body.  But to have light from the light bulb, the MIND must decide to switch it on.  Without our MIND, we have no action to support our lives.  Each day we decide what energy to use as fuel and how much energy to use up.  Most importantly, the light bulb needs electricity, which is like the SPIRIT.  Without the spirit, there is no source of energy that we can use to keep our body functioning.


Traditional health care focuses primarily on caring for the body and its mechanical functions. A holistic approach addresses all three aspects - body, mind and spirit. Holistic health care supports the BODY with good nutrition and elimination of toxins. To support the MIND, the focus is on promoting lifestyle, behaviours, and beliefs about how to be healthy.  For the SPIRIT, there is direction for the management of life challenges, finding one’s optimal life purpose and creating a harmonious environment. 


You can make sure your “lights are turned on” – having body, mind and spirit all working together - with a Holistic Health Assessment from Health E Guide Nutrition.