Holistic Weight Management

A personalized program that promotes health and a healthy weight


 Key Assessment Components

1. What you eat  - We all have unique nutritional needs.  This has been known for over 50 years. If your diet is not right for you, excess or under weight is a common result.  The first step is to identify the right diet for YOU.  

     More info:  Services – What to Expect from Holistic Nutrition Counselling

2. How you eat – Eating patterns and attitudes towards food WILL affect the body’s ability to digest foods, and its ability to maintain a healthy weight.  These issues are carefully assessed to ensure they are not interfering with weight loss efforts.  One aspect of this is discussed in:  HEG Articles - Foods and Moods

3. How well you absorb nutrients - Many people do not absorb nutrients from their foods very well.  This leaves them nutrient deficient and more apt to overeat. More info:   HEG Article “You are what you eat (more or less)”  and “Why Do We Crave”

4. How toxic you are - We are exposed to thousands of harmful substances through our lives:  chemicals, pollutants, bacteria, parasites, heavy metals.  Some bodies do not eliminate these toxins well leaving their immune and hormone systems compromised.  Overweight is one of many adverse health effects.  Toxicity is assessed through health history, life events, symptoms and the Bio Energetic Evaluation (hot link).  More info about toxins:  “Are we toxic?” , “Taking a Stand Against Additives” & “Spring Cleaning the Body.”